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I've been interested in photography since the tender age of 14. I started off learning from my uncle who was a photography professor at the local collage in Elkton Maryland. He taught me the technical skills I needed to advance further and train myself to have an eye for creating the perfect picture. After finishing high school I started to hone my photography skills and build my portfolio through artistic portraits.

When I was 27 I started working at a local camera store where I perfected my technical skills with the camera and Photoshop. During this time I became inducted into the world of Drag through the persona of Divinity. Through this character I learned how to take a flattering image of any subject despite their insecurities.

During my studio sessions I like to have fun and make the subject feel comfortable. Now I'm at a point in my life where I can turn my passion of photography into a career. Whatever hang-ups you have about yourself I'm here to help your inner beauty shine through.

Thank you for visiting my site and taking an interest in my passion.